Senolysis therapeutics for age-related diseases


Senolysis, a relatively new approach in the field of medical research, holds immense promise for developing innovative therapeutics to combat both cancer and age-related diseases. This groundbreaking concept revolves around selectively targeting and eliminating senescent cells, which accumulate in various tissues as we age.

Senolysis therapeutics for age-related diseases

Researchers have identified specific proteins and markers found on the surface of senescent cells, allowing for the development of targeted therapies. The process of senolysis involves using drugs, gene therapy, or natural compounds to trigger the removal of these senescent cells, leading to improved tissue function and overall well-being.

In the realm of cancer, senolysis offers new horizons for treatment. By selectively eliminating senescent cells within tumors, researchers believe it may help overcome resistance to conventional therapies and prevent cancer recurrence. Senolytic drugs, currently under investigation, hold the potential to selectively target senescent cells while sparing healthy ones, reducing the side effects commonly associated with traditional chemotherapy.

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